Student Achievements

YCIS Shanghai provides a well-rounded education that shapes students into balanced and responsible citizens of the global community. Our students excel in academics, from mathematics and science to language, history, and geography. Arts and music also play a vital role at YCIS Shanghai, as do sports, leadership, and community service. This all helps build an impressive and diverse student body that is well prepared for the future.

YCIS Shanghai student on stage with her co-principals, holding her Diploma

Top in Academics

YCIS Shanghai students are known for their excellence in academics, including stellar examination results and overall scholastic achievement. A rigorous academic programme, paired with a holistic approach to education, is one of the main reasons why YCIS Shanghai graduates continue to be accepted into top-ranked universities around the world.

YCIS is the only international school in China to have received the Cambridge Award for Excellence in Education, in recognition of our longstanding commitment to providing a world-class, global education.

A group of YCIS Shanghai secondary girls with medals and trophy

Champions in Sports

At YCIS Shanghai, education continues beyond the classroom to include after-school sports and Co-curricular activities.

Athletic events and team building play a critical role in the development of globally competitive individuals who are prepared to meet and solve the challenges of the future.

YCIS Shanghai is an active member of the China International Schools Sports Association (CISSA), the Shanghai International Schools Athletic Conference (SISAC), and the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS). Our students achieve individual and team sports awards in their leagues every year.

YCIS Shanghai girls at a charity bake sale

Contributing to the Community

YCIS students have many opportunities to interact with and support not only the local community but also organisations worldwide. With one of the three parts of the school’s motto being “Align with Love and Charity”, YCIS students continually engage in charitable and service activities which help to develop their appreciation for contributing to society.

Starting in Primary, our students begin to create and run events and activities which raise funds for worthy causes. In Lower and Upper Secondary, students make an impact on the community through our Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) programme, helping them not only develop essential soft skills, but also to value the importance of volunteer work.

YCIS Shanghai student on stage with her Top in the World award for IGCSE

Recognition and Awards

YCIS Shanghai students achieve outstanding academic results year after year. In fact, they have earned more “Top in the World” and “Top in China” International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) awards over the past three years than any other school in mainland China, and the results of our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) students far exceed the worldwide average.

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