Kindergarten Two's (K2)

The Kindergarten Two’s (K2) programme at YCIS Shanghai provides a nurturing environment for children aged two to three. Our families have the option of either a half day or whole day learning programme, five days a week.

YCIS Shanghai kindergarten co-teachers in class with students

Co-Teachers and Small Class Sizes

The young children in our K2 classes experience the joy of learning with the support of two experienced and qualified Early Years Co-Teachers and one full-time classroom assistant. The Co-Teachers, one International and one Chinese, plan together for the learning needs of each individual child.

With a maximum teacher-to-student ratio of 1:8, each student in K2 receives individualised care and attention. This helps every child develop to their full potential.

The Co-Teachers share roles and responsibilities in terms of resource preparation and planning, and working with all of the children in the class. It is important to us to always listen to each child’s voice and meet their needs and interests in a cohesive and purposeful way.

YCIS Shanghai kindergarten students are exploring in the classroom

Learning through Play

In K2, we utilise the “Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage” curriculum framework from the United Kingdom to guide our planning and practise and to consistently reflect on the achievements and goals for the children in our classes. Learning through play is a key part of this experience. Exploring, active engagement, and creating are of high importance in our play-based curriculum. The children’s development is visible through their Learning Portfolios and our class blogs.

We provide open-ended resources and materials to engage children in a wide variety of activities and play experiences. These experiences contribute to their skills and knowledge across all developmental areas and provide a solid foundation for their future learning as they move up to our K3 programme.

Two kindergarten girls in YCIS Shanghai playing together in their classroom

A Truly Bilingual Experience

Children in our K2 programme are completely immersed in a fully bilingual learning environment, where their English and Chinese language skills are developed equally.

Our Co-Teaching model brings together Eastern and Western cultures in a very practical and engaging way in all day-to-day activities. The use and understanding of both languages is equally respected and evolves in each learning situation through play, routines, group learning, and conversation. Sometimes the children will be engaged in English, sometimes Chinese, and other times in both!

In this setting, the children develop confidence in their verbal skills and become comfortable moving between cultures.

YCIS Shanghai kindergarten students are looking at their toys though a magnifying glass

Developing Other Essential Skills

Our Co-Teachers encourage the children’s healthy social skills development by focusing on key interactions, such as waiting, taking turns, and sharing. They talk with the children about these topics and model these skills for the children through their own interactions.

Children feel competent when they have had opportunities to practise new skills through meaningful activities. They are offered appropriate choices throughout the day, which encourages their decision-making skills as they explore freely.

A YCIS Shanghai international co-teacher during playtime with two Kindergarten K2 girls

A Warm Environment

Our K2 classrooms are filled with fun and are always buzzing with activity. The teachers read frequently to children individually and in small groups, and incorporate dynamic movement, dance, and music into lessons. Whether they are outside playing in the sandbox or they are inside working together on a project, our youngest learners gain a solid foundation for their schooling ahead. For more information about the K2 Programme, please contact our Admissions team here.

The next stage for children after K2 is our K3 & K4 programme. To learn more, please click here.

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