School News

  • Sowing SEED in Sichuan

    Yew Chung International Schools (YCIS) is pleased to announce the launching of the Yew Chung Sichuan Earthquake Educational Development Operation (SEED).

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  • Student Attends Presidential Youth Inauguration Conference in Washington

    As a student in an international school with a mixed background of Eastern and Western culture, seeing Barack Obama become the President of the United States, someone who also has parents from different origins, has stirred up hope in me for the changing world.

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  • YCIS Shanghai Captures Major Awards in Sports

    Recently, we have seen our sports teams capture major awards at both ACMIS and SISAC events. In SISAC, both Boys and Girls Division II Soccer teams were crowned 2009 Tournament and League Champions.

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  • Yew Chung Torch Bearer Shines

    The long-awaited moment for Natasha Weaser, a Year 10 student of YCIS Shanghai, was electric and heartening. On May 24, Natasha accomplished her Olympic Torch Relay at the Shanghai Jiaotong University.

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